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01.Series A vacuum freeze-drying equipment
02.Series A vacuum freeze drying test machine
03.BS series tunnel speed freeze
04.SLYPJ Pickling Machine
05.Cold storage design, installation
06.All kinds of food machinery design and production
Dedicated to building professional cryopreservation services

All employees of Dalian Asberg Freeze Technology Co., Ltd. were originally engineers of Shenyang Xinxin Group(state-owned 139 plant), a subsidiary of the Xinyang quick-freeze equipment manufacturing company. After the head office went bankrupt, it was engaged in years of freeze-dried equipment, quick-freeze equipment and food machinery research and design. Professional engineers form a new company, In 2003, it cooperated with Dalian Icebergs Group Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. to set up the Frozen Dry Division to engage in the research, design and manufacturing of vacuum refrigerated drying equipment. In 2006, it was registered by all personnel to form a new professional company with an independent legal person. After years of hard research on technology, customers are seriously responsible. Vacuum freeze-drying equipment successfully developed using advanced foreign technology has entered the international market, and the technical specifications for the production of freeze-dried products have reached the international standards for the most advanced freeze-dried equipment. The company's freeze-dried equipment is the only domestic professional company that exports Germany and Japan. It was also praised by many German and Japanese companies.
In 2012, Germany G International Group Co., Ltd., as an internationally renowned company that purchases more than 50 % of the world's frozen and dried food products, after the global inspection of equipment, its FDF company ordered our company's frozen and dried equipment in 2013. After one year of use of frozen and dried equipment, it is very satisfied with the equipment. Appointing the equipment purchasing or updating of each subordinate freeze-drying enterprise to use the freeze-drying equipment produced by our company, and taking the initiative to represent the freeze-drying equipment, quick-freeze equipment, and pretreatment equipment for our company in the world.
The main components of the company's freeze-drying equipment are independently produced by the company. The equipment assembly, installation, commissioning and after-sales service are all responsible for the company, and other parts are responsible for Dalian Iceberg Group Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. and other domestic professional companies.
Our company has been established for more than ten years. With its integrity, brand name and innovation, many of the company's products have reached advanced levels at home and abroad, and have a very good reputation in the industry. Good quality products and good service enable us to maintain a very good relationship with all customers, no disputes, the company has no bad reputation record.
Thanks to new and old customers for our trust and opportunity! We will continue to work hard to create more world-renowned products in the industry's incomparable love!


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